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Building Surveys

For most people, purchasing a property is one of the largest investments you are likely to make in your lifetime.

Most purchasers rely upon the valuation survey which primarily ensures that any loan is safe.

However, this is often a superficial inspection of the property and does not identify all defects that are currently apparently, or those items which are likely to require investment in the short to medium term.

A full building survey (level 3 survey) is a detailed survey of the property both internally and externally which both describes the construction of the building, and identifies any apparent problems, or defects likely to occur and where investment will be required.

Most properties have some form of immediate repair required, or within the first 5 years of purchase, and it is important that when you purchase a property, you go into it with your eyes open and are fully aware of likely expenditure.

When purchasing a flat you should also be mindful that you are not just purchasing the individual flat, but usually a liability for the maintenance and repair of the entire building in which the flat is located. Often the cost of repairs to the roof, for example, can be significant and once again, it is important that when purchasing the flat you are aware of any likely future costs.

We do not use standard templates or tick box surveys and all of our full building surveys are bespoke to the property and will also include any specific requirements of the client, such as potential for extension or alteration if requested. Our surveys include a detailed description of the property, any defects identified and a summary, together with photographs for reference. If you require a quote for a survey, please contact us by telephone, or using the contacts page on this website.

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