Building Surveyors Kent by Flowers Consulting offer expert building surveys for all commercial and residential buildings all throughout the Kent area. A specialist survey will likely bring issues to the surface that you didn’t know are important. It enables you to make an educated and thought about choice, whether you renegotiate your price. Any deformities recognised on the property survey may result in a significant expenditure to consider. Building Surveyors Kent conducts, a thorough inspection which is ideal for bigger or heritage buildings, or if you may need significant works properties. This is the most complete Building Surveyor Kent service on the market.

Flowers Consulting has a great business relationship with many clients in the Kentish County, and we are always looking to expand our roster. We are available to survey, critically assess, and analyse buildings all throughout the county of Kent. With our specialist knowledge of the architectural trade, we are able to offer a level of local advice and feet-on-the-ground experience that makes Flowers Consulting one of the most sought after Chartered Building Surveyors in all of Kent. We can diagnose and investigate all manner of building characteristics that may be symptomatic of the local area, and we can appreciate these idiosyncratic styles and features and be able to give you accurate estimates and great prospective administration guidance to either protect or alter these features. Building Surveyors Kent are able to be fast and responsive to your needs and enquires, and are available for quick meetings and assessments. The building works in Kent are often found to be one of the most interesting architectural designs in all of England, and with the nickname of The Garden of England, we can appreciate that Kent is indeed beautiful in many ways. From Canterbury Cathedral to Dover Castle, heritage sites and a strong sense of history has dominated the county in many ways, and we are available in order to help many public and private sites like these in order to prolong conservation and keep the ancient beauty intact. As well as this, here at Flowers Consulting we can also help you to adapt homes and different kinds of building to bring them up to date in terms of comfort and style, and can provide the best Chartered Building advice on the market. As fans of the lovely Kent, Flowers consulting extends a warm welcome, and our quality services with a smile.

Services Provided

- Pre-purchase property surveys of houses, flats or commercial property
- Expert Witness reports for private and public bodies on civil and criminal matters
- Representing landlords or leaseholders in the First Tier Tribunal with Expert Witness Reports
- Defect diagnosis and building pathology
- Project Management of refurbishment works
- Specifying and administering contracts for repairs and refurbishment to educational, health and public buildings
- Party wall matters
- Condition surveys
- Lift engineering, condition surveys and design and contract administration of upgrading or replacement works


  • I had the pleasure of working with John for over 20 years. John has a vast amount of experience in all aspects of building surveying, particularly in respect of housing. He is totally professional in his approach and someone you can rely on. John is well respected by clients, contractors and fellow consultants.
  • John is a highly focused individual offering a very professional but also personalised service.